Anna Christie

by: Eugene O'Neill
The Old Globe
Sets: Wilson Chin 
Costumes: Denitsa Bliznakova
Lights: Austin R. Smith

Director Daniel Goldstein gets at all the rough edges of the play, one whose mishmash of accents and seagoing setting must make it a slippery one to stage. His cast — particularly Bill Buell as father Chris Christopherson and Austin Durant as the rawboned seaman Mat Burke — also navigates with skill the peculiarities of the dialogue and its frequent repetitions. Phrases such as “that of devil sea” return as reliably as the tide... And if the bonds among these three — which seem as tattered as the shredded sails above the stage — threaten to mend too tidily at play’s end, Goldstein leaves a sense they’re still at sea. His “Anna” concludes, movingly, with a mist and a shiver.
— James Hubert, San Diego Union-Tribune

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"Director Daniel Goldstein has shaped a lovely, unified and moving relationship between his three principals and that’s what matters...A theatre of the Globe’s stature should have a solid record for important American revivals. This ANNA CHRISTIE sets an appropriate standard."
-  Welton Jones, San Diego Arts

"The enduring dramatic power of Eugene O'Neill steers "Anna Christie" at the Old Globe into waters both risky and impressive. O'Neill's 1921 Pulitzer Prize winner about a life-battered tart receives an intimate, audacious rethink, stewarded by director Daniel Goldstein.  Goldstein's staging deploys striking in-the round tactics... You can imagine a more redolent, old school "Anna Christie," but there's plenty to admire about the vitality on tap here. "
David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times

 "Goldstein's production is tight and tense, an engrossing two and a half hours."
Charlene Baldridge, San Diego Uptown News

 "Eugene O’Neill’s, “Anna Christie,” which won the author his second Pulitzer Prize in 1921, has played on numerous stages over the decades, but the version at The Old Globe this month, may be the best place to see this heartfelt story yet."
- Diana Saenger, La Jolla Light

"Director Daniel Goldstein's revival of this 1921 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about an old seafaring coal barge captain who recon­nects with his daughter, a for­mer prostitute, and the bond she forms with a plucked-from-the­ sea Irish sailor, breathes new life into a classic and with some modem touches in casting and staging, presents a compelling theatrical experience that will challenge your views on truth, responsibility and the redemp­tive powers of love."
Barbara Smith, San Diego Voice

"Director Daniel Goldstein’s vision is perfect for O’Neill’s melancholy prose, though he also includes personal touches such as when Anna is trying to make a crucial decision for her future as Joni Mitchell’s song “Blue” plays in the background. It is risky incorporating the 1970s single into something that was written more than 50 years prior, but it pays off as Mitchell’s voice along with Love’s sad silence adds a surprising amount of pathos.  Goldstein’s direction stands out the most in a transition from Act 1 to Act 2. The unforgettable moment occurs when a saloon is suddenly transformed into Chris’ barge. This sequence is a wonderful couple of minutes that cannot be done justice in a review and should be experienced as a live stage performance."
-  David Dixon, The Daily Aztec