By: George Abbott and Douglass Wallop, Richard Adler and Jerry Ross, Joe DiPietro
Goodspeed Musical
Sets: Adrian Jones
Lights: Brian Tovar
Costumes: David Woolard

Damn Yankees isn’t a great musical but it can be great fun when done really well. Goodspeed musicals has filled the bill. Daniel Goldstein’s direction is brisk and bouncy.
— Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

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Daniel Goldstein directs this theatrical home run, on a diamond perfectly set by Adrian W. Jones 
- Bonnie Goldberg, Middletown Press

Director Daniel Goldstein keeps the pacing of the show moving at a fine clip whether the stage is crowded with the large cast or simply populated by just two actors. When the plot moves into more somber territory he quickly follows up with a perfectly timed comedic moment. He also allows his performers leeway in embellishing their roles, which provides more distinctive and finely tuned characters. 
-Stu Brown, Stu on Broadway

Director Daniel Goldstein whimsically stages this musical number in the locker room where the guys shower and show off their well-toned physiques as well as their singing voices. One little old lady seated up in the side balcony, with a view behind the shower wall shielding parts of the towel-less guys from the rest of us, was particularly amused, I noticed. She kept pointing and laughing. 
–Lauren Yarger, Broadway World

Director Daniel Goldstein also keeps things lively, if not downright vaudevillian, with colorful players and coach, crazed fans and one deviled ham. 
– Frank Rizzo, Hartford Courant

The show is directed with pin point accuracy by Daniel Goldstein.  This production is so impressive that even those of us who don't follow sports will enjoy every minute of it.
-Nancy Sasso Janis, Naugatuck Patch

Daniel Goldstein directs Goodspeed’s Damn Yankees with an irrepressible, light touch.
– Kristina Dorsey, Connecticut Day

As is customary at Goodspeed, casting is impeccable – every performer is spot-on perfect. Their Red Sox team actually looks like a baseball team instead of a chorus line. Each player has his own distinct personality and maintains that characterization throughout. Special credit goes to Director Daniel Goldstein for that accomplishment
-Walt Haggerty, In the Spotlight

En otras ocasiones he comentado como el escenario tan pequeño de Goodspeed es transformado de un comedor elegante como lo hicieron en “Hello Dolly”. En esta producción, una sala en una casa de clase media baja. “Damn Yankees” se transforma en el cuarto de cambio de los peloteros y el lugar donde esperan entrar al juego. Gracias al enorme talento del grupo técnico en cada una de las producciones, cada escenario es igualmente verosímil. Hay que reconocer en particular, el trabajo del escenógrafo Adrian W. Jones; la coreografía de Kelli Barclay y la magnífica dirección de Daniel Goldstein, los que han logrado crear una obra teatral de primera calidad. La única crítica que tengo es, por qué el actor Sean Ewing, en el papel de Hernández, no aprendió mejor sus líneas en español.
–Bessy Reyna, Latinarte News