by Stephen Massicotte
Two River Theater
Sets: Donyale Werle
Lights: Ben Stanton
Costumes: Jenny Mannis

Beyond the performances and Stephen Massicotte’s elegiac script, what stands out in the Two Rivers production is the expert blend of stagecraft, masterminded elegantly by Daniel Goldstein, the director.
— Anita Gates, The New York Times

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One of the loveliest ephemeral moments is in a scene that finds Charlie fighting in Europe but talking face to face with Mary, who appears to be standing a foot or so away on the battlefield. Then it begins to snow, but the snow falls only on Charlie’s side of the stage.
If you are inclined toward tears at the theater but hate to make a scene, here is a recommendation: When Mary begins her final speech or maybe even a little before that, stop listening to her specific (gut-wrenching) words and think about baseball. Or something. But do be sure to listen carefully and reflect deeply at the very end, when Charlie makes his most crucial and difficult promise to Mary: “You will never have this dream again.”
-Anita Gates, The New York Times