by: David Ives
Huntington Theater Company
Sets: Matthew Saunders
Costumes: Charles Schoonmaker
Lights: ML Geiger
Sound: Darron West

Best Production
Best Actress
Best Costume Design
Best Lighting Design

IRNE AWARD nominee - 
Best Director
Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Director

Identities keep changing, along with the balance of power, in David Ives’s twisty, fascinating “Venus in Fur,’’ now at Huntington Theatre Company. Directed by Daniel Goldstein, it’s a spellbinding production that you really don’t want to miss.
— Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

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Director Daniel Goldstein [lends the] material a blistering immediacy. Give him credit for going juicily, all-the-way crazy when the script calls for reality to evanesce.
- Kilian Melloy, EDGE Boston

Not very often, but sometimes a show is just terrific. This is the case with Daniel Ives' Venus in Fur now playing at the Huntington Theatre Company's BU Theatre. Funny, clever, sexy and provocative, this show is absolutely don't miss terrific.   Director Goldstein has seamlessly created an American tango between the two gifted actors. The production is an intricate dance both energetic and sexually steamy.
– Mark Faverman, Berkshire Fine Arts                                                             

Ives and director Daniel Goldstein orchestrate the proceedings flawlessly.
– Ed Siegel, WBUR Boston

It needs to be daringly and smartly played, as it is by Chris Kipiniak and especially Andrea Syglowski in Daniel Goldstein's crackling production.
– Carolyn Clay, TheaterMania

Syglowski, and Kipiniak deliver the goods in Venus in Fur, under the skillful direction of Daniel Goldstein
– Nancy Grossman, BroadwayWorld

The entire show glistens with stirring moments that director Daniel Goldstein weaves together to make the piece whole. 
– Kitty Drexel, NETG

As directed by Daniel Goldstein, this work seems to suspend time, and brings to mind the fabled line from “All about Eve”: “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”.  As directed by Goldstein and enacted by these two terrific actors, it’s a sexy, thoughtful and engaging battle, and often hilarious.
– Jack Craib, South Shore Critic