New Website

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have finally joined the modern age and created a website (with some incredible and serious assistance from Jaki Bradley).  I admit that I did it kicking and screaming.  After all, I thought, how can you see what a director does through a website?  But as I've assembled these photos and looked back at the kind of work I've done, I've been surprised to see how much these photos actually do show what I made.  And they are exactly the kind of shows that I want to see.  

More than anything, it has been a real joy to look through all the photographs and remember my collaborators, the incredible actors, designers and craftspeople who made these dreams come to life.  They are the reason that this website exists and it is to them that I dedicate it.  

I'll be posting each new show as they open, and will use this space to update you on new projects, thoughts about current work and musings about creating art while raising a family.

I thank you for visiting and hope that you'll come back soon.