Unknown Soldier - Williamstown Theater Festival 2015

It is with enormous pride and a little bit of genuine terror that I announce that my musical, UNKNOWN SOLDIER will be produced at The Williamstown Theater Festival during the summer of 2015.

I wrote this musical with the remarkable Michael Friedman and it will be directed by Trip Cullman.  Given that we all met at Williamstown during the magical summers of 1998, 1999 & 2000, there is no better place for the World Premiere.  

This musical was commissioned by the late Nicholas Martin during his tenure as Artistic Director of The Huntington Theater.  Michael and I were in the middle of our IRNE Award winning production of Falsettos when Nicky decided that it would be a good idea if we wrote a musical together.  No constraints, no specifics, just the inaugural Norma Jean Calderwood Commission and his trust.  What more could to young(ish) artists ask for.  

Many years later and after development at The HuntingtonThe National Musical Theater Conference at The O'Neill Theater Center, The McCarter Theater's Sallie B. Goodman Artists Retreat, Manhattan Theater Club, with the support of more actors, directors, dramaturgs than I can list here, there will be an actual production with actual people saying the things that we wrote WITHOUT SCRIPTS IN FRONT OF THEM.  They're going to MEMORIZE THEIR LINES!!!  And they might even dance.  

There will be more news here as we announce the actors and creative team.  So keep checking in.  And come visit us up in Williamstown.  I think you will really like the show.  We can have a drink afterwards at the Purple Pub or Mezze or whatever place hasn't burned down yet.